Artistic activities
2013 Completion of the installation Doppelganger, which will be exhibited at Bergen Kunsthall in 2014.
2012 Composing of Analogique in the studio of CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Music) at the University of Huddersfield.
2012 Arne Norheim concerts during the Documenta festival in June 2012 in Kassel, Germany.
2012 performance of a new work for two chess players and eight musicians at the Ultima Festival 2012.
2012 Article on Arne Nordheim's electronic music in the journal Lydkunst.
2011 Ragnarok, installation, NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts), in Kaliningrad, Russia.
2011    Ragnarok, installation, KHiO, the Ultima festival 2011.
2011    Materiaal – electronic piece, released in 2011.
2011    Textuur – electronic piece, released in 2011.
2010    Everyday Filter - commission from Ny Musikk and NOTAM.
2010    Fuglekatalogen I – commission from BEK (Bergen Center for Electronic Arts).
2010    Doppelgänger – sound art installation.
2009-10    Katastrofebilder – recording and release of chamber music piece.
2008    Article in the first Norwegian text collection on Stockhausens electronic music in connection with the Ultima festival.
2007    Ciaccona, electronic miniature. Commission from Ny Musikk.
2007    Earbitten III, for multi channel sound, performed during the opening of the new buildings at the Norwegian Academy of Music.
2006    Earbitten II, released by BEK.
2005    Istanbul, radiophonic piece, the Norwegian contribution to Ars Acustica, commissioned by NRK (the Norwegian public service broadcaster). 25 min.
2004    Soundtracks, installation. Norsk Form, the Ultima festival 2004.
2003    trees which from dropped, leaf. For sinfonietta, performed by Trondheim Sinfonietta. 6 min.
2003    Norway remixed II, Norway's contribution to Ars Acustica. Commissioned by NRK. Broadcasted in 20 countries. 25 min.
2003    Erotogod II, exhibited at DEAF 2003 (Dutch Electronic Arts festival) in Rotterdam and at Atelier Nord in Oslo.
2003    Earbitten I, electronic piece, commission for NOTAM's ten-year anniversary concert. Ultima Festival 2003 6.5 min.
2002    Norway Remixed, installation, Oslo Central Station. Ultima Festival 2002.
2002    Ritratto di Cittá. Electronic piece. Commissioned by Ny musikks Komponistgruppe (New Music composers group). Premiered 2002.  
2001    Erotogod, installation, Henie Onstad Art Centre, Ultima Festival 2001.
2000    I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest. Piano solo. 7 min.
2000    The Leap II, The National Theatre in Oslo. Ibsen Festival 2000.
2000    Shot in the garden chair. Theatre Music. 30 performances, including the Momentum Festival in Moss.
2000    The fall, for saxophone, double bass and accordion. Commissioned by the trio Poing. 7,5 min.
1999    The Leap, Installation, Kunstnernes Hus.
1996     Untitled, for feedback, metal plate and deep frequency traffic noise. 10 min.
1995     Jern og metall, for industrial metal objects. 6 min.
1994     Untitled for organ, electric guitar and percussion. 5 min.
1994     Untitled for bass flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone and harp. 4 min.
1994     Untitled for clarinet solo. 3 min.
1994     Untitled for clarinet, flute, cello, marimba, percussion and piano. 7 min.
1993     Spirits of the dead for vocals, electric guitar, cello, percussion and synthesizer. 3 min.
1993     Untitled for piano and sampler. 15 min.
1993     Untitled for two percussionists with metal instruments. 6.5 min.
1993     Untitled for prepared piano and electric cello. 10 min.
1992     Untitled for flute and organ. 8 min.
1992     E = mc2. for piano, triangle, percussion and light. 17.5 min.

2013 Katastrofebilder, Mere records (coming in 2013)
2011 Klank, Eventyrbrua
2006 Crashing Happy, BEK
2004 Nor Noise (DVD), with (x, y, z), [ohm] Records / Pastiche Films
2004 Sleepwalking, with The Players, Sleepwalking Records / Tuba
2003 SOUN compilation, with (x, y, z), Gameboy Records
2001 SPUNK filtered through friends, with (x, y, z), Rune Grammofon
1999 PsychoActivated 4, as Silverale, PsychoActive Records
1998 Disturbance 1, as Silverscale, Disturbance Records

Radio programs on NRK P2
Flø has since 2002 produced a series of radio programs on sound art and music for NRK P2, including the programs Musikk i brennpunktet, Lydkunst i brennpunktet and Transit. In addition to this comes shorter elements in the programs Mozart og Madonna, Musikkredaksjonen, Ulyd, NRK Alltid klassisk and Radiofront. Flø has also been NRK's representative in the competition Ars Acustica in 2003 and 2005.

2010     Fuglekatalogen I. Piece for four keyboard instruments and electronics. Commissioned by Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK).
2008     Katastrofebilder. Piece for recorded chamber ensemble. Commissioned by NOTAM.               
2007     Ciaccona, electronic miniature, commissioned by Ny Musikk.
2005     Istanbul, radiophonic piece, the Norwegian contribution to Ars Acustica, commissioned by NRK.
2003     Norway Remixed II, radiophonic piece, the Norwegian contribution to Ars Acustica. Commissioned by NRK.
2003     Earbitten I-III, electronic piece, available in several versions, Commissioned by BEK and NOTAM.
2002     Ritratto di Città. Electronic piece. Comissioned by Ny Musikks Komponistgruppe. Premiered 2002.  
2000     The Leap II, The National Theatre in Oslo. Ibsen Festival.
2000     The Fall, for saxophone, double bass and accordion, commissioned by the trio Poing.

2012     Memorables - Arne Nordheim's electronic music. Lydskrift.
2008     A system of planetary order. Three articles on Stochkausens electronic music. Published by NOTAM in 2008 in Norway's first text collection on Stockhausen's electronic music.
2004     The electro-acoustic music must dare to be subjective, strange, stupid. Published on
2003     Diary notes. Parergon No. 21/22
2001     Editor for the collection of articles The Electro Acoustic Canon. NOTAM.
1999     Freedom, sentimentality and idea. Parergon No. 10
1998     The Leap. Parergon No. 5 / 6.

Other relevant experience
Flø has worked with performing the electronic parts of compositions, performances and art projects in collaboration with a wide range of festivals, orchestras, ensembles, artists, composers and performers.
These include the Ultima Festival, Happy Days Festival, West Coast Festival of Numusic, Borealis Festival, Nordland Musikkfestuke, Ilios Festival, Rikskonsertene, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Arditti Quartet, Ensemble Court Circuit (Fr), Michiko Hirayama, Oslo Sinfonietta, Cikada, Asamisimasa, Poing, Spunk, Bit 20, Bodø Sinfonietta, Roger Reynolds, Kaija Saariaho, Lasse Thoresen, Rolf Wallin, Asbjørn Schaathun, Jøran Rudi, Christian Eggen, Gisle Kverndokk, Knut Olaf Sunde, Øyvind Torvund, Håkon Thelin, Rolf Borch, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm and Anawana Haloba.

Flø also worked as a substitute organist in mid-Norway, Hardanger, Oslo and Akershus, mainly in the period 1987-1997. Flø has produced a series of radio programs on sound art and contemporary music for NRK.
Since 1999 Flø also worked with courses and teaching of sound art, composition, electronic music and music technology in places like KHiO, University of Oslo, Norwegian Academy of Music, NTNU, Ny Musikk and NOTAM. Flø has worked as a educational manager at NOTAM since 2006.

Asbjørn Blokkum Flø studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music with teachers including Professor Lasse Thoresen, Asbjørn Schaathun and Ivar Frounberg and has participated in many summer schools, courses and Master classes in composition and music technology.

2004-2006     Diploma Program in composition, Norwegian Academy of Music.
2001-2002     Student Residence at the Technische Universität Berlin, Kommunikationswissenschaft, Elektronische Studio.
1994-1999     Degree in composition,  Norwegian Academy of Music.
1992-1994     Church Music studies, Norwegian Academy of Music.
1989-1992     Music High School, Atlanten, Kristiansund.
1980-1989     Tuition in piano and organ playing.

Various composition classes, courses and education:
2012 Mastering by Ingar Hunskaar and John Hegre.
2012 performance of Iannis Xenakis' electronic music, Daniel Teige.
2011 Advanced real-time sound and data processing, Diemo Schwarz.
2010 Ableton Live, Sven Erga.
2010 PD (Pure Data) and computer waste (electronics recycling), Audun Eriksen and Arnfinn Killingtveit.
2009 Sibelius Course. Ola Moen.
2009 Programming and construction of the Minia sensor interface, Servando Barreiro.
2009 Course in Circuit bending, Audun Eriksen.
2009 WOM, analogue electronics, Tom Bugs.
2009 Finale Course. Frank Tveor Nordensten.
2008 Integra Conference 2008, Birmingham Music conservatoire.
2007 Music technology days 2007, the Norwegian Academy of Music.
2004 Composition class with Kim Cascone.
2003 Composition class with Clarence Barlow.
2002 Crashing Happy, glitch workshop. Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK).
2001 Composition class with Luca Francesconi.
2000 Composition class with Ole Lützow Holm.
2000 Formalised Music - Computer assisted composition, NOTAM.
1999 Composition class with Jonathan Harvey.
1999 Composition class with Michael Finnissy.
1999 - 2007 NOTAM summer school.
1999 IRCAM Summer School, Paris. (With among others Philippe Manoury, Kaija Saariaho, Salvatore Sciarrino and Xavier Rodet).
1999 Composition class with Salvatore Sciarrino, Music Factory, Bergen.
1998 Composition class with Jan W. Morthenson.
1997 Webern symposium. Hochschule für Musik, Berlin.
1996 Gerald Bennet: "Algorithmic composition and the use of chaos."
1996 Øyvind Hammer: "C programming for composers."
1996 Composition Classes: ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music), Copenhagen.
1996 Gerald Bennett: "Electroacoustic history and composition”.
1996 Carla Scarletti: "Kyma, interactive composition, electroacoustic composition and theory."
1995 Nils Henrik Asheim: "Programming in Max”.
1995 Composition class with Ole Lützow Holm. Academy of Music in Gothenburg.
1995 Mats Claesson: "NOTAMs electroacoustic studio”.
1995 Øyvind Hammer: "The IRCAM Musical Workstation."
1995 Frank Tveor Nordensten: "Introduction to Kyma”.
1995 Trevor Wishart: "Electroacoustic compostion”.
1994 Norwegian folk music. Ole Bull Academy, Voss. Nils Økland and others.
1992 Gregorian chant. Olavfestdagene festival in Trondheim.
1991 Folk Music from Nordmøre. Henning Sommero others.
1990 Improvisational Music. Jon Pål Inderberg and Bjørn Alterhaug.


Klank - electronic music. text text text text text text.

I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest - piano music.

Ragnarok - installation.text text text text text text.

Doppelgänger - installation.